Vijaya Corals - High Quality JADE Beads

- Jades - 2mm & above. Prices vary based on color, quality, transperancy, clarity etc.PIC # 1

- 5mm, 6mm, 8mm. Prices vary based on color, quality, transperancy, clarity etc.PIC # 2

- Assorted shapes of Jades - From Top:Rounds, Ovals, Tear Drops, Marquees, Leafs in all sizes.PIC# 3

- Ready to Wear Jade necklaces PIC# 4

Garnets - Plain Round 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, Faceted 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & Nuggets 10x8mm. PIC# 5

2003 NEW - Assorted shapes of Garnets - From Top:Rounds, Ovals, Squares, Tear Drops, Roundales (5mm&4mm) - $15 to $18 per Strand. PIC# 6

Mosambic Garnet Tear Drops HQ - For necklaces & Earrings. PIC#7

-Ready to Wear Garnet necklaces PIC# 8

- Ready to Wear Garnet necklaces PIC#9

Plain Round 2mm, 4mm, 6mm. Faceted 4mm, 5mm & 6mm & Graduated 6/12mm. PIC#10

- Ready to Wear Amathyst necklaces PIC# 11

SPECIAL NEW ITEM. Sandstone in STAR shape, good for a drop necklace. available for 4mm /6mm. $22 & $26. PIC#12

Plain Round 2mm, 4mm, 6mm. Faceted 4mm & Brolites. PIC#12A

Plain Round 2mm, 4mm. Faceted 4mm, 5mm. PIC#13

- Ready to Wear Carmelion necklaces PIC# 14

-Ready to Wear Black Onyx necklaces PIC# 15

- Ready to Wear Peridot necklaces PIC# 16br>

2007 NEW - Assorted Aquamarine (2mm&4mm), Citrine (Nuggets&4mm rounds), Peridot (4mm Round & Brollites). PIC# 17

All natural 2mm beads. 1-Coral,2-Blue Sunstone,3-Green Onyx, 4-Turquoise,5-Black Onyx,6-Hematite,7-Neon White,8-Carmelion,9-Pink Coral,10-SandStone,11-Lapis PIC# 11

All varieties of Natural beads. PIC# 12

A sampling of 2 mm beads including red corals and pink corals. PIC# 18

Great Machine Cut CZs from SWISS. 500pcs in a box. Beautiful cut/shines like a diamond.3mm box sample. PIC# 19

Austrian CZs in Octogan,hearts,rounds in all colors.All colors For Necklaces & Erg settings. PIC# 20

Sworaski Brolite Crystal Drops.ON SALE 2DROPS FOR $5 ONLY. for Necklaces&Erg Drops PIC# 21

13mm Heart Shape CZ pendant & 7mm CZ Hearts for Earrings - $ 15/set. PIC# 22

Sworaski Rainbow Crystal drop Pendants 22/15mm. 8mm white CZs for Earrings. PIC# 23

7mm Star CZs for Necklaces & Ergs in all Colors. PIC# 24