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24ct Gold Color High Grade Electroplated Jewelry with Real Stones

5A quality CZ Necklace with Turquise Cabs with Earrings and bracelet.$150. SPECIAL SALE-Pic# 1

5A quality CZ Necklace with Black Onyx Cabs with Earrings and bracelet.$150. SPECIAL SALE-Pic# 1A

2011-NEW ARRIVAL - NEW Australian CZ Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet set - Special price $125-Pic#1B

2011 NEW ARRIVAL - NEW Australian Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire Bangles $150 pair. SPECIAL SALE-Pic#2

2011-1 Gram Gold Bangles $40 to $45.Pic#3

1 Gram Gold bangles fr $35 to $55 SALE-Pic#4

1 GramGold banagles fr$35 to $55 each. SPECIAL SALE-Pic#5

1 GramGold banagles fr$35 to $55 each. SPECIAL SALE-Pic# 6

1 GramGold banagles fr$35 to $55 each. SPECIAL SALE-Pic#7

1 GramGold banagles fr$35 to $55 each. SPECIAL SALE-Pic#8

Bangles w/Pink Corals, Jades, Red Corals, Pearls $45/pair.pic#9

2011 ARRIVAL - SPECIAL SALE-One Carat Bangles w/precious stones. Pic#10

Italian Silver Bangles w/enamel finish- Pair $35 Pic#11

2011 - NEW Australian 3D Crystal 2 Line Necklaces in Multi Colors SPECIAL SALE-Pic#12

2011 - NEW Arrivals of Multi CZD Ready to wear Necklaces. Pic#12A

2011 - NEW Australian 3D Crystal is available in loose strands,Now you can buy whatever lines you need-Pic#13

6/10mm Pink Coral Roses/Jade leaves Necklace($95). AKKA CORAL(Dark Red)($115)w/Earrings. Pic#14

6/10mm White coralRoses/Jade leaves Necklace with Earring Designs ($95 & $115).Pic#15

6/10mm Pink Coral/Akka Coral Roses/Jade leaves Necklace, Earrings,Bracelet and Finger ring. 4pc Pink Set - $140 4p Akka set - $150 Pic#16

6mm white coral with 3rose in the center with earrings, bracelet & ring for$150, Only Neck + Ergs $115. Pic#17

7mm/10mm Pink Coral Roses/Jade leaves Necklace w/Earrings - set $115. pic #18
Jade Cabachone with Tear Drop Pendant - 3piece set - $95. Pic#19

Excellent Austrian Crystal Necklace and Earring - $75 each. Maroon, Blue, white CZs & Green.Pic#20

2011 Arrival - 3pc sets of Amethyst,Blue Topaz & Garnet Necklace sets $125 each. Pic#21

Fresh Water Pearl Necklace and Earrings $75/set, Now the matching bracelet is also available for $30 only.Pic#22

9x7mm Pink Coral Cabachon with Jades Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet $195 Pic#23

8mm Pink Coral Necklace & Erg set$125. SPECIAL RATE. Bracelet $35, Ring for$15 extra.Pic#24

8mm White Coral Necklace & Erg set$125 SPECIAL RATE.Bracelet $35,Ring for $15 extra.Pic#25

8mm Akka Coral(dark red) Necklace, Bracelet&Erg set$160 SPECIAL RATE. Ring for$15 extra.Pic#26

8MM -Three Rose Pendant, Five Roses on each side Pink coral Necklace with Bracelet, Earrings, Adj. Ring - Very HQ specially marked lowest Price $195.Pic#27

8MM Akka Coral (dark red) Necklace, Bracelet and Earring set $205,(Now adj.ring is availabe for$15only).Pic#28

8 designs in coral necklaces - showing Earrings (Bracelets & Rings not shown)-Click for prices on the HomePage - Pic#29

3PC Marquee SETS -PinkCoral/jade $125, OPAL-$135, RedCoral/jade-$125. Pic#30

Teardrop shape Opal Necklace w/Earring set $175 Pic#31

3-Flower Necklace Sets - Jade w/Pink Coral-$115; Jade w/Akka Coral $125 Pic#32

Red Coral-Jade Necklace-10/18mm.Pic#33

Necklace w/ERs -Red Coral, Pink Coral, Jade or Black Onyx $ 125 each set Pic#34

Elegant Bead Necklaces. Black Onyx,Jade, Garnet,Coral READY TO WEAR $65 EACH SPECIAL 2011 - Pic #35

Elegant Bead Necklaces -Amythyst, Garnet & Hematite READY TO WEAR $ 45 TO $65 SPECIAL 2011- Pic #36