Vijaya Corals - 2007 Exclusive 22ct Gold/KDM Jewelry

22ct/KDM Choker sets.
Black.Onyx; Pearl; Ruby ; Emerald ; Coral ; Jade ; Saphire ; Multi. (not shown).Pic#1

22 ct/KDM gold, Pearl Choker sets
Ruby ;Emerald ; Sapphire (not shown).Pic#2

22ct Gold 3-line Pearl Haram w/ER set.Pic#3

RUBY Choker with earrings (not shown.Pic#4

22ct Ruby Necklace w/Gold Laxmi Pendant and Earring set .Pic#5 - Very Special Item

22ct Gold-3 line Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire(not shown) Chokers w/CZEDs sets- Pic#6

22ct Gold w/CZEDs Pendent & ERs in 3-line Emerald necklace. Pic#7

22ct Gold Ruby Necklace w/uncut Diamond Pendant & Earrings, NW 70g. Pic#8

22ct Gold Ruby Necklace w/Pendant & Earrings-Pic#9

22ct Ruby Necklace w/Gold Pendant & Earrings-pic#10-

Three line faceted ruby Necklace w/22ct gold rings.pic#11 -

22ct Gold Pendant w/Earrings sets - each from $ 675,pic#12

One line faceted ruby Necklaces w/22ct gold rings.- pic#13

Gold Ball Necklaces - Ruby; Emerald; Ruby & Emerald mix; Spphire - pic#14

22ct Cultured pearl Necklaces w/Ruby,Emerald & CZ rings - .pic#15

Cultured Graduated Pearl Necklaces w/22ct gold rings. - pic#16

22ct Gold with Red Italian 2mm Coral Necklaces of 3 or 4 lines, Pic#17

22ct Gold Thin chains of Ruby/Emeralds with gold bead 2lines necklace; Black Onyx 3/line-; jade 2line-; Coral 3/line-; Pearl 3/line-.pic#18

2008 NEW - 22ct Gold necklace w/11mm Italian Barrel Corals - pic#19