Vijaya Corals - High Quality-100% Natural Pearls/ Culture Rounds.

100" long; 7mm. Real Natural Multi Pearl Necklace. gift item. you can make 7 necklaces.price $65 Pic#1

New arrival or 4lines Natural Pearl Twist Necklaces for$45 each.pic-1A.(plain&multi)

Real Natural Pearl Bangles.Prices from $15 to $45 Pic#1B

Real Natural Pearl Bangles with Elastic.prices from $15 to $25 Pic#2

Real Natural 7mm Button Pearl ready to wear Necklace.$ 55 only Pic#3

Mother of Pearl- Ready to wear Necklace. very very beautiful. New Item. $ 125.Pic#4

50% price on SALE. original price- $18. NOW $9 only. Pic#5

New Item. Beautiful for CHOKERS. Nice Gift Item. orig.$36 NOW 50% off- $18. Pic#6

.New Item. Beautiful for CHOKERS. Nice Gift Item. orig.$22 NOW 50% off- $11. Pic#7

Real Natural 2mm round Pearl & Rice pearl 3mm to 4mm sizes. Pic#8

Mini Pearls - 1mm Culture Pearl from Japan / Round / Rice NOW AVAILABLE - LIMITED QUANTITY - PIC# 9

Cultured Pearl Earring Studs in White, Black, Pink & Peach Pearls - Excellent Gift Item - PIC#10

Cultured Pearl 4line twisted necklace with gem stones . ready to wear. - PIC# 11

Barrel and Tube Coral strands(20"long),along with Pearl & Tulip Broaches. Pic#12

Twisted Mother of Pearl leaf Necklace with gem stones . ready to wear. - PIC#13

3strand multi color twisted pearl necklace , ready to wear. - PIC#14

5mm Button Pearl ready to wear two or three line necklaces with Rub0y Beads & Black Pearls- PIC# 15

3 mm Culture pearl ready to wear two line necklaces with Ruby & Emerald Beads - PIC#16

5 to 6 mm Pearl Necklaces with Stone Rings- Amythyst & Green- PIC#17

Variety of Ready to wear Pearl Necklaces - PIC# 18

- Ready to Wear Black pearl necklaces PIC# 19

- Ready to Wear Black Pearl 4mm necklaces PIC#20

5 to 6 mm Round Pearls with Silver Crystal Rings - PIC#21

Pearl Necklaces with CZ Pendents - Ready to wear -- PIC#22

Variety of Pearl Necklaces - PIC#22

Variety of Tassel Pearl Necklaces - PIC#23

Variety of Tassel Pearl Necklaces - PIC#24

A sampling of pearls. We have many, many more. Call for details - PIC# 25

Pearl multistrand Necklaces from $35 to $45 - GOOD GIFT IDEA - PIC# 26

Another sampling of our pearls. As low as $6 per strand of 4mm Button to $65 for 6mm cultured pearl strand - PIC# 27