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New Arrivals- Natural Tube Pink 2mm/2.5mm coral strands, $25each. PIC#1 - Limited stock

October Bold Pink Coral Rose sets for Pendant & ER sets, PIC#1 - Limited stock

October Bold Pink Coral Rose sets for ER sets.PIC# 2- Limited stock

New Arrivals - Large & Small sizes of Bold Roses, Pink Coral leaves $3each, Loose Tulips,$1 each.PIC#3

Pink Coral/ Jades all shapes availbale loose.ovals/rounds/tear drops/pineapples/Italian Cameos/jade Krishna, you can make any type of jewelry Pic#3A

A Model of Natural/Original Pinkcoral Tilips in white/pink mix, dark pink,Pure white with P&E sets.PIC# 4

22ct gold Pinkcoral Leaf Necklace with Ergs.sample design with pink coral leaves.PIC#4A

Quality Pink Corals from Taiwan.PIC#5

High Quality Graduated Pink Corals($65-16"long)
Natural Tulip Strandsp; Round Bead between tulips ($45 - 24"long)
Pink Coral Round Strands - 5.5mm ($55 - 16"long)
Bold Roses Set in 22ct Gold as Pendant$250 & Earrings $250,buy seperately also).PIC# 6

Pink Coral/White Coral Necklaces.$45,$28,$22,$15. PIC#7- ON SALE NOW

Natural Tulip Varieties.$45,$48(24"long),$26,$26,$25,$26,$26.PIC#8- ON SALE 15% OFF

Ready to Wear Natural Pink/White & other Coral Necklaces from $20-$45.PIC#9- ON SALE 15% OFF

2mm Pink Corals on SALE $12-Light,$14-Medium,Dark $16 per strand.See our Coral Charms as pendents.PIC#10

Price List for pink corals

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